Our products have no need for the cumbersome and time-consuming bother of charcoal and burners. Just the premium grade agarwood, the company has been renown for over almost a century.
Brought to you in an easy-to-light form that saves both time and money, is easy to carry and fire safe, iOud is the smart way to experience the scent that’s delighted generations stretching back to the dawn of time.
agarwood oud incense بخور العود

No Charcoal Needed

agarwood oud incense بخور العود

No Burner Required

agarwood oud incense بخور العود

Easy To Light

Uniquely and stylishly presented
Frame (2)
Saves time
Frame (1)
Saves money
Frame (3)
Easy to Carry
Frame (4)

Fire safe


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